Getting exclusive kicks just got a lot easier.

Odds are everything. And so is Transparency.

Lets be honest. It’s getting harder and harder to get the shoes you really want. Especially at retail. The Yeezy’s sell out in the blink of an eye on the Adidas Confirmed App. NMDs are sell out too. It’s tough to get any pair of Jordans or OVO kicks on the SNKRS App. Waiting in line sucks, especially when it’s cold. The online raffles from retailers are being entered by MILLIONS of people all around the world. We know. We’ve caught those L’s. We’ve been there with you – in line, online and on the apps.

The odds are against you when every sneaker fiend on the planet is trying to get the same sneakers as you. This is why we created Deadstock Raffles. We wanted to create a space where you’re odds are better, you’re investment is lower and you’re time is saved. We are a transparent sneaker raffle site where you know exactly how many spots are available in each raffle and the prices can be as low $10 to participate.

When the whole world is trying to get the newest releases, we give you a fair chance at getting them. We tell you exactly how many raffle spots are available, we make buying them affordable and we deliver a transparent process of choosing our winners. At Deadstock Raffles, we’re bringing the game to an even playing field.

How it Works

More then just a raffle.
  1. Your not purchasing an e-raffle, your purchasing a real product. Every entry gets you something. Sometimes it’s a set of exclusive Yeezy 750, Yeezy 350 or Jordan XI stickers, or other times it could be an exclusive shirt, hat or shoe cleaner. Each raffle tells you what you’ll be getting by entering the raffle. When you enter, you’re buying these items and you get entered into the raffle for that shoe. More raffle slots purchased, mean more products and more chances to win the raffled shoe.
  2. Transparency is everything. When you register your user name at checkout, it’s also shown on our list of purchased spots in the raffle you chose to participate in. At any given time you can see how many spots are available and how many are taken. You can do the math and find out your odds to win, but we’ll never hide how many spots are available. Our word is bond.
  3. Winners are chosen 100% randomly. Once all the spots in the raffle are filled and all items are sold out, we use an independent site to randomize the list. Choosing a winner is a 2-step process.
    1. At we roll 2 dice. The number total number the dice roll is how may times we randomize the list.
    2. At we put the list into a list randomizer. We then randomize the list the number of times the dice rolled.
    3. The name at the top of the list is the winner.
  4. The process of randomly selecting a winner will be streamed on Facebook LIVE and shared on Instagram. We want you to see the winner being chosen as we do, live and direct. The raffle videos will be streamed live on Facebook and shared on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. You’ll know the winner when we do.
  5. You’re the real MVP. We want to keep giving you opportunities to win shoes like NMDs, Yeezy 350 Boosts, Yeezy 750 Boosts and Jordan Space Jams for as little $10. If you’re sneakerhead, hypebeast or resller, we want to give you the opportunity to get these kicks without catching pneumonia from a line, or losing next months paycheck from a resell. Never be left out in the cold during Yeezy Season, we got you. We’re giving you a chance to take home 100% authentic heat for less than retail and resell prices.

Imagine winning a pair of Moonrocks for $20. What would you do? Take those deadstock kicks and rock ’em ASAP, or would you flip them for a huge profit? Well whatever it is you choose, Deadstock Raffles will continue bringing the heat. The question is, what will you win next?